Best Supplement For Your Health Needs


Because you feel overweight and want help with changing your eating habits. Or because you have been told by your doctor that adaptation of your diet is desirable due to physical complaints. For example when diabetes, high blood pressure or bowel problems have been found. Nutrition plays a role in many physical areas and as a dietitian we can give you advice and guidance to adjust this in your daily life.


I have enjoyed working as a primary care dietician for over 15 years. Guiding a variety of people during office hours, from the child to the elderly, is a wonderful job. Looking together for the most pleasant way to incorporate dietary guidelines into daily eating habits remains the challenge.

In addition to guiding people with various syndromes, I started to deepen my career in changing eating behavior through Health Counseling, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for dietitians. Knowing what healthy eating is or what dietary adjustments are needed is one thing, but applying and maintaining in practice is another matter. It is precisely in this area that I can offer you extra help as a dietitian.


Food business continues to thrive

The biggest reason people consume food products is to increase or supplement their daily dietary needs. The marketed nutritional supplements claim to provide additional nutrients that can help people maintain strong health, lose weight, improve immune function and improve their physical performance or even improve their sexuality. performance. Also growing in popularity is sports nutrition. In 2015, it […]
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Impartial supplement information

There was no place to go to get impartial supplement information. Of course, there was Wikipedia, but it didn’t go deep into science. All the others? It had an agenda. Fill in the companies that mislead science. Headline awareness media. Companies and people pushing junk supplements and other products on you. That is why started in 2011. Completely independent […]
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